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Madison resisting arrest lawyer Robert T. Ruth is an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer. He has been a Wisconsin lawyer since 1993 and has devoted his law firm to criminal defense since then. If you face an accusation for resisting arrest anywhere in Wisconsin, his law firm has the knowledge, skill and experience to aggressively defend you.

Madison WI Resisting Arrest Defense Attorney Lawyer

Resisting arrest under Wis. Stat. 946.41(1) is a Class A misdemeanor in Wisconsin, punishable by up to 9 months jail and a $10,000 fine. To prove the charge of resisting the state needs to prove the following:
That the defendant resisted the officer. Resisted is defined as oppose by force or threat of force. The force or threat of force needs to be directed personally at the officer.
That the officer was doing an act in his official capacity at the time of the resistance;
That the officer was acting with lawful authority at the time of the resistance.
That the defendant knew that the officer was acting in an official capacity and with lawful authority and that the defendant knew his or her conduct would resist the officer.
As shown above, there is a lot more to the charge of resisting than merely proof of some resistance. Call Madison resisting arrest lawyer Robert T. Ruth at 608-257-2540 for a free consultation if you need a resisting arrest defense lawyer in Wisconsin.