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Madison felony murder lawyer Robert T. Ruth is an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer. He has been a Wisconsin lawyer since 1993 and has devoted his law firm to criminal defense since then. If you face a felony murder accusation anywhere in Wisconsin, his law firm has the knowledge, skill and experience to aggressively defend you.

Madison WI Felony Murder Lawyer Attorney

940.03 Felony murder

Whoever causes the death of another human being while committing or attempting to commit a crime specified in s. 940.19, 940.195, 940.20, 940.201, 940.203, 940.225(1) or (2)(a), 940.30, 940.31, 943.02, 943.10(2), 943.23(1g), or 943.32(2) may be imprisoned for not more than 15 years in excess of the maximum term of imprisonment provided by law for that crime or attempt.

There are defenses to the charge of felony murder in Wisconsin. Contact Madison felony murder defense attorney Robert T. Ruth to review your case.